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Welcome to the ultimate arcade puzzle challenge!

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Slingshot Puzzle indepth description, preview:

Welcome to the ultimate arcade puzzle challenge! Draw back your crossbow and unleash your ball with the goal of sinking it in the hole, like a combination of pinball and golf. But bumpers and sand traps are child's play compared to the obstacles you'll face in Slingshot Challenge! You'll need to avoid a variety of obstacles including traps, barriers, ice cubes and more, and make clever use of fans, switches, rotating blocks and other mechanisms, all of which can help or hinder your progress. You'll have three shots to reach your goal, and three gems to collect along the way, if you so choose. Featuring eye-popping 2D graphics, simple point-and-click gameplay, and dozens of addictive levels across seven chapters, Slingshot Puzzle offers hours of satisfying fun! Trial game version include all features of full game except it’s time-limited, download and enjoy full functional demo version.

Game Play Features

126 challenging levels

The Slingshot Puzzle game is shareware (or free trial game), which means you can download and play the game for free during 60 minutes trial period (all game features included, time-trial is the only limitation), in order to get advantages of a full version of the game, you must register the game.

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