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Restore Atlantis to its former glory!

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Jewel Legends Atlantis indepth description, preview:

Atlantis — did it ever really exist? For millennia, adventurers have sought the sunken kingdom and its countless treasures — but who created the mystic city in the first place? Discover the secret, erect magnificent buildings and restore Atlantis to its former glory! Build rows of three or more of the same symbol — you will have huge chains built before you know it! Collect ancient artifacts and secret treasures that you can use to build your city. Trial game version include all features of full game except it’s time-limited, download and enjoy full functional demo version.

Game Play Features

Restore Atlantis to its former glory in this tile-matching adventure

The Jewel Legends Atlantis game is shareware (or free trial game), which means you can download and play the game for free during 60 minutes trial period (all game features included, time-trial is the only limitation), in order to get advantages of a full version of the game, you must register the game.

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