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Build the world’s greatest eco-friendly city!

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Green City indepth description, preview:

The world is in need of a revamp. Pollutants, toxins, and garbage are ruining our world but you have the power to stop it! This unique “build a city” time management game will allow you to not only clean up the streets, but build beautiful eco-friendly cities! There’s no reason we can’t live the life of luxury and keep the environment clean as well. The green movement is sweeping the world in Green City! Start building your way to a thriving “green” city from the small homes all the way to sprawling mega complexes! Each area of the city you go into is in need of a makeover, be it tearing down old dilapidated housing to clearing out junkyards. The balance between environment and development is crucial, so always be weary of your impact on your surroundings. The time is now to build the world’s greatest eco-friendly city! Trial game version include all features of full game except it’s time-limited, download and enjoy full functional demo version.

Game Play Features

Tons of levels to play through

The Green City game is shareware (or free trial game), which means you can download and play the game for free during 60 minutes trial period (all game features included, time-trial is the only limitation), in order to get advantages of a full version of the game, you must register the game.

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