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Save the magic kingdom from evil!

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Evy Magic Spheres indepth description, preview:

Evy has found her way into a fantastic fairytale world! After hearing a strange noise and going to investigate, she is transported to a world full of mysterious creatures. Immediately she is faced with the evil that rules this world. Use her amazing magic powers to battle these monsters and help rid the land of their terrible reign! Get ready for some intense match 3 gameplay in Evy: Magic Spheres! Play through a ton of magnificent levels as the story unfolds. This land was once peaceful, until a wicked witch turned the royal family to stone! She know rules, and the land is flooded with terrible creatures that wreak havoc on the people! With amazing hand-drawn art, a gripping plot, and a mesmerizing world, you will be hooked from the very beginning! Help Evy on her fantastical quest to save this land, and return to the world she left behind! Let the journey begin! Trial game version include all features of full game except it’s time-limited, download and enjoy full functional demo version.

Game Play Features

61 magnificent levels!

The Evy Magic Spheres game is shareware (or free trial game), which means you can download and play the game for free during 60 minutes trial period (all game features included, time-trial is the only limitation), in order to get advantages of a full version of the game, you must register the game.

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