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Prepare for the wildest ride of your life!

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Crazy Chicken Tales indepth description, preview:

Prepare for the wildest ride of your life! Join Moorhuhn and his friends on their greatest adventure searching for the Forsaken Castle of lore. Face deadly traps and cunning fiends as you jump, run or ride on the backs of Moorhuhn’s friends through colorful cartoon landscapes of mysterious woods, rocky mountain ranges, treacherous ice plains and gloomy dungeons. Embark on an epic quest for treasure and find the true value of courage and friendship in Crazy Chicken Tales! Trial game version include all features of full game except it’s time-limited, download and enjoy full functional demo version.

Game Play Features

4 different characters

The Crazy Chicken Tales game is shareware (or free trial game), which means you can download and play the game for free during 60 minutes trial period (all game features included, time-trial is the only limitation), in order to get advantages of a full version of the game, you must register the game.

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